"Building Tomorrow's Work force"

 You are tomorrow's builders. Robots will replace general repetitive tasks so that Humans can enjoy a better, freer lifestyle. There are many tools at your disposal, robot parts, optical components, robotic assemblies. We will try to find them and put them here.

The Human spine is designed to support incredible weights, as well as allow nervous system information to reach our brains. We are actively searching for Steel and carbon fiber components which will duplicate in the robot, what nature has done in human beings.

One thought is to use positionable steel tubing with sensor break off points to allow maximum motion, and retain rigidity and strength. The drawing on the side illustrates this point. It uses positionable hollow metal tubing, and uses the space as a conduit for the miscellaneous processes

As segments alone, the tube could be assigned with anchor points to facilitate finger, and elbow joints as well. Advantages are strength, and flexibility.


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