"Building Tomorrow's Work force"

 You are tomorrow's builders. Robots will replace general repetitive tasks so that Humans can enjoy a better, freer lifestyle. There are many tools at your disposal, robot parts, optical components, robotic assemblies. We will try to find them and put them here.

Make your own Battle bot, create the perfect robotic (android) assistant, become master to an army of robot servants. Below, you can purchase a few select Robotic components to start your robotic project, or find the electronics you need to finish the android you have already nearly built.


The DCPM-1 is a highly versatile power module. It can be used to power DC Board Cameras, Miniature fiber optic transmitters or unique power hungry devices

. To power the unit, you simply apply 10 - 28V AC or DC power to the input and you get 9-18VDC with up to 1AMP output.

Easy to use, this power converter filters AC currents, and provide a clean regulated power to your robotic equipment




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